Buying guide

Purchasing property in Crete is not more difficult than anywhere else in Europe and Hellenic Homes supports their customers all the way through the process. Your most difficult task will be to deliver us your thoughts and to choose from the offered possibilities.

Once you have chosen and decided to purchase a property, we recommend you to sign a power of attorney over to a Crete based lawyer, one of our collaborators. The only document you will need to bring along is your passport and this step will allow the lawyer to take care of all the routine and legal procedures that in the end will make you the property owner. First, they will obtain a Greek tax number and open a personal bank account for you. Later on they will also take care of all relevant documentation, deeds and agreements which will confirm the property on your name. Then, with your prior approval, they will also make payments, arrange utilities such as electric and water, check licenses, etc.

If you will decide to build a new house instead of buying a new one, then while at our headquarters, you will have the opportunity to select from our wide range of room fittings for your construction. Bathroom, kitchen and terrace tiles are all kept in stock, as well as kitchen units and worktops, including granite and other surfaces. Our displays will allow you to really feel the style and quality of the finish in your new Hellenic Home. Our interior designers will be available to guide you through the fun of adding you own personal touches.

Before you leave, all stages of your project will de agreed on and drafted into a pre-agreement, so that you will be clear and confident of every following step – construction, standards, responsibilities, payments and deadlines from the very beginning until the day you will receive the keys from your new property.
Let us make your dreams a reality!


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