Our vision is to offer the highest building quality, combined with innovative yet functional design and unique aesthetics. Our Build specifications abide with the strict modern anti-seismic regulations and utilise ISO-certified materials in accordance with European Construction standards.

Maintaining the highest of construction quality and paying attention to every detail is our company’s first priority. Every stage of the process is put under the scrutiny of the Quality Assurance procedures and the customer is informed on a regular basis of the progress of the construction.

The Human Resources of the Construction department is divided into three methods of employment. The Core of the Department, which consists of the Construction Director, the Quality Assurance Manager, the Foremen, the administration and a sizeable number of Technical employees are directly employed by Hellenic Homes. Furthermore, a considerable number (depending on each project) of subcontractors are employed by the company under exclusive cooperation with the use of retainers. Apart from the above, Hellenic Homes maintains long-standing cooperation with specific reliable independent subcontractors that are employed in various projects. Hellenic Homes distributes its Human Resources in a manner that ensures the maximum possible support of each project by a considerable number of both administrative and technical personnel. Particularly in cases of sizeable projects the personnel is exclusively involved with the task at hand.

By maintaining long-lasting cooperation with specific subcontractors, Hellenic Homes is able to identify the best possible cooperator for each project well in advance and therefore provide a binding guarantee for the quality and completion
date of the project.

Apart from the Foremen and the management of the Construction Department, the entire Management Team visit all the construction sites on a regular basis, while at the same time being constantly briefed on the development of the construction. Furthermore, weekly meetings are held at the Head Office where each project is thoroughly discussed. The above-mentioned procedure ensures that any problem is dealt with as it arises, hence guaranteeing that the projects remain under tight control and are completed at the highest of standards.