Commercial projects

Hellenic Homes supports the professional community by listening to their needs and offering them tailor made, purpose-built shops and office buildings.
Always taking into account the end use of the property, the company picks the best possible plots in order to offer the professional community the best possible location. It offers them a head start that set the foundation of the lucrative future of each business.

Considering the heavy impact of tourism industry on the local community and business environment, construction, extension and renovation of touristic properties (more specifically, hotels and touristic villas) hold a central position in the development of the company from its early steps. Responding to the particular needs of this demanding market, Hellenic Homes offers a cost / benefit ratio which is second to none, while at the same time remaining focused to its vision of high quality and timely completion. Projects can be undertaken from as early as the design and building permits stage all the way through to the construction.

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