Architecture (in Greek “archi” means first and “tehni” means craftsmanship) is the art and science of designing buildings and various structures, as well as the profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their aesthetic effect.
Crete has many fine examples of architectural jewels. Venetian and Turkish invaders have influenced the architecture of the island and many buildings of the period are still standing today. The Venetians also fortified many villages and towns and you can still see the remains of many castles and towers.

Following the tradition of ancient Greeks, architecture is key to a successful and timeless construction. Therefore, Hellenic Homes turns the ideas into design as the very first step on each of our projects. Our qualified architectural team consists of people who care about the environment, love the Cretan culture and have a great passion for building houses. From the early steps of each project, architects, civil engineers, surveyors, mechanical engineers, exterior and interior designers work as a team to turn the vision into reality.

Hellenic Homes architects design houses with harmony in their minds. Each project is carefully created to fit a specified area and environment. Each house is drawn in both 2D and 3D artistic impressions using the latest software available. Our clients can visualize their property through floor and plot plans and on high definition 3D graphics before any works are actually started and this allows us to tailor future properties to the clients’very specific requirements. All visuals are drawn and presented over real backgrounds to get the best possible delineation with the least variation from the final result.

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