After-sales / Maintenance

Here at Hellenic Homes, we believe that selling or building a house to a new customer is just the beginning of the relationship between our company and the property owner.
Regardless of size, shape or value each real estate unit requires a certain amount of maintenance and, more important, regular inspection in case the owners are not living there permanently.

Hellenic Homes offers a full spectrum of related services – monitoring, maintenance, repairs, cleaning and other possible necessities in order to give the property owner the most important: the possibility to leave the island for a longer period of time knowing that his or her residency in Crete will remain in good hands and will be well looked after.
The exact specifications and costs for maintenance are always subject to discussion and a separate agreement is created to list all the terms and responsibilities. Please contact our Customer Service department for more details:

Decided to expand your house? Need refurbishment or reconstruction? Want to sell the existing property and buy a new one? The Hellenic Homes team will be glad to assist! Get in touch with us and we will consult you for the best possible solutions.