There are countless wonderful old buildings in Western Crete - far, far too many to list in a portfolio.

Imagine picking ripe oranges from your garden then dosing in the shade of your olive tree or lounging on your terrace overlooking the azure blue waters of the Aegean Sea or the impressive white mountains of Crete, enjoying the sunset with a fine glass of wine in your hand. Your beautifully restored house, surrounded by Cypress trees, with its terracotta tiles, wooden beams and Venetian arches, is set in a dreamy village surrounded by its historical remains of times long forgotten. With Hellenic Homes securing planning licences, Greek building tax laws, finance issues and looking after bureaucracy your romantic daydreams about your new restored home can turn into a reality.

At Hellenic Homes, our dedicated restoration team are proud of the high standard and professionalism according to which we restore our properties, complying and exceeding with all Greek building regulations, using local materials and traditional methods that have been handed down from generation to generation. Qualified architects and engineers will survey all properties to evaluate what features can be safely included and will design a secure home, incorporating your own ideas, within your budget. Correct planning and advice from our in-house specialists will save you time and money.

Armed with your detailed criteria, Hellenic Homes will source appropriate properties and send you by e-mail, post or fax, all information and indicative costs for purchase and restoration. Once the property and purchase price has been agreed, Hellenic Homes will assist you through all the legalities of buying your dream home and applying for the building license.

Once ownership deeds have been exchanged, Hellenic Homes can then commence restoration. Based upon the architects design and of course your own ideas, Hellenic Homes will submit a detailed costing and work schedule, so that you have total control over the budget and timing. It can be a trying experience as a future house owner to deal with local laws and legislation in a foreign country, especially if you don¢t master the language. Hellenic Homes is here in order to look after the necessary process on your behalf and ensure that your dream of a restored house materialises into your own DREAM HOME.

We are experts in restoring traditional village houses to meet all building regulation criteria. Our architects will survey a property to evaluate what features can be safely included and design a secure home for renovation within your budget and taking into account your personal requirements.

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