Buying Guide


European Union citizens are allowed to purchase property in Crete, it is no more difficult to buy it here than anywhere else in Europe. Non-European Union citizens enjoy even more possibilities - starting from sales price of 250.000 EUR, the owner of the propery is also granted a permission of residence in Greece for him and his family. Of course, Hellenic Homes supports their customers through the process. 

If you decide to purchase a property during your visit we suggest you a sign power of attorney over to a Crete based lawyer. There will be a fee payable to the lawyer for this service, and the only documentation you will need to bring along is your passport.  Hellenic Homes can introduce you to a number of totally independent English speaking lawyers whose charges will be covered within the 5% Legal and Other Costs fee.

Your lawyer will manage all the legal processes on your behalf.  Firstly, they will obtain a Greek tax number and open a personal bank account for you. Then, with your prior approval, they will make the stage payments, arrange utilities such as electric and water, and check licenses etc.

While you are at our head quarters, you will have the opportunity to view and select from our wide range of room fittings. Bathroom, kitchen and terrace tiles are all kept in stock, as well as kitchen units and worktops, including granite and the very latest CORIAN hard wearing surfaces.  Our displays will allow you to really feel the style and quality of the finish in YOUR new Hellenic Home. Our interior designers will be available to guide you through the fun of adding you own personal touches.

Before you leave us, we will reserve the property you have selected with a reservation fee that will be agreed and prepare a detailed purchase agreement. The reservation fee is non-refundable but is transferable. The agreement will indicate the exact plot, house type, sizes and any optional extras you may have specified. Everything will be priced to ensure that you know exactly what the final cost will be. This figure is legally binding and guaranteed not to increase so there will be no hidden costs.

You will then be required to pay a deposit. This is usually 21 days after the signing of the agreement. The balance can either be paid in stages, or according to the tailor made agreement that we will mutually agree. 

When transferring money to Crete you are given 'pink slips' from your Cretan bank, which confirms that you have transferred the money from abroad, and not earned this money in Greece.  It is essential to keep these pink slips for your tax declaration at the end of each year to cover the assessed value of your property.

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